CTF™ Chelation Technology Formula
BioRepair is the only recovery formula which contains “chelated glutamine,” an ingredient created through a patented process of molecularly bonding magnesium to glutamine, which dramatically increases glutamine’s ability to reach the muscle cell.
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1 scoop (5.7g)


CTF™ (Chelation
Technology Formula

  • Chelated Glutamine
  • 3.3:1:1 BCAA Ratio
  • Increase Lean Muscle
  • Boost Immune System


CTF™ Chelation Technology Formula 

bioREPAIR is the only recovery formula which contains “chelated glutamine,” an ingredient created through a patented process of molecularly bonding magnesium to glutamine, which dramatically increases glutamine’s ability to reach the muscle cell. Although glutamine is essential for optimal recovery, up to 80% of ingested glutamine is utilized in the intestinal tract and/or immediately converted to pyroglutamic acid. 

 bioREPAIR is fortified with “chelated glutamine” to bypass this process and ensure that the highest quantity of glutamine reaches the muscle tissue, where it is used to prevent muscle tissue breakdown, speed recovery, and boost the immune system. Every serving of bioREPAIR contains 5 grams of CTF™ proprietary recovery blend, which includes “Glutamine Chelate, and Branched Chain Amino Acids in a 3.3:1:1 leucine to isoleucine and valine ratio.

CTF™ (Chelation Technology Formula)CTF™ (Chelation Technology Formula) 

CTF™ is a very specific fusion of Chelated (Molecularly Bonded) Glutamine and Free Form Branched Chain Amino Acids in a 3.3:1:1 ratio. The majority (up to 80%) of typical Glutamine gets utilized in the intestinal tract before it ever reaches the bloodstream. Chelation Technology Formula is a patented process of molecularly bonding Glutamine to Magnesium, which now acts as a transport system and ensures maximum absorption.* SCIENCE YIELDS RESULTS bioREPAIR shuttles the highest amount of the most crucial amino acids into the muscle cell, accelerating recovery, boosting the immune system, and building lean muscle.*


Blue Cool-Aid

Fruit Cool-Aid

Peanut Butter


Orange Cool-Aid

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Mix 1 or more scoops in your favorite beverage upon waking, immediately following workout, and prior to bedtime. May also be used throughout the day for a constant flow of muscle building CTF™.

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Hope H.
United States United States
Bio Repair

I bought the Peanut Butter Flavor Bio Repair and it is seriously heaven!! It tastes just like peanut butter, mixes well in my oats and protein shakes and I can honestly say that it does help with my recovery! I love this product!

Arnold S.
United States United States
Recovery Krav Maga

I'm 40 yr old 213lb guy that does 1hr Crossfit 3X a week and Krav Maga 1hr 3X a week. Noticable results within the first couple of days with recovery. Significantly less muscle soreness than previous weeks doing virtually the same program and workouts. I changed nothing in diet, sleep or other supplements so I knew this was the only game changer. 2 scoops post workout and 2 scoops before bed. Im 215lbs so I need a bit more than the avg 175lb guy. Getting low, ready to buy more. At 40 this is a much needed boost in recovery, especially sparring with young bucks in their 20's ��

Dawn B.
United States United States
Didn’t honor discount

The Peanut Butter bioRepair is great tasting and effective, however, the discount code is NEVER honored

Global Formulas

Hi Dawn, I know you actually use my code in the past and have had issues entering it. However, we will get you that refund ASAP!!! When you are ordering next time, can you please give me a call so we can figure out why my discount code isn't working for you? It is working it seems for others so I would really love to get to the bottom of this so we don't have to refund you the difference after the fact. Thanks girl! Best regards, Sethia Daigle Global Formulas Director of Operations IFBB Bikini Pro IG: @sethia_ifbbpro Phone: 949.215.1816

Rosie F.
United States United States
5 stars

Joseph Z.
United States United States
Awesome Product

This is a product that I absolutely love. Its versatile, you can mix it in morning oatmeal, add it to coffee because it mixes so well, add it to post work out shake or just rink it on its own. My only issue is not with the product but with the delivery method. For some unknown reason I have to sign for the package , which is almost impossible because I work when the delivery normally comes, so Its almost 100% that I have to hunt down the package make my way to the post office before it closes. Signing for the package is unnecessary and literally inconvenient , almost makes me want to stop ordering from them