Technology - bioREPAIR

  • Chelated Glutamine recovery formula with 3.3:1:1 BCAAs added. We are the innovators of Chelation Technology Formula.
  • bioREPAIR is 2/3 Chelated Glutamine & 1/3 BCAAs.
  • bioREPAIR is used to prevent muscle tissue breakdown, speed recovery, and boost the immune system.
  • Chelated Glutamine is “molecularly bonded” glutamine. By molecularly bonding magnesium to glutamine, it ensures 100% absorption into the muscle cell. This dramatically increases glutamine’s effectiveness & absorption rate.
  • Typically, 80% of normal L-Glutamine is utilized in the intestinal tract. That’s why many people doubt the benefits of L-Glutamine. It does not fully reach the muscle cell. bioREPAIR does!
  • The PB flavor tastes AMAZING in coffee or oatmeal!!
  • Directions - Mix 1 or more scoops in your favorite beverage upon waking, immediately following workout, and prior to bedtime. May also be used throughout the day for a constant flow of muscle building CTF™.
  • To maximize bioREPAIR intake, supplement with bioProZERO which contains 5g of bioREPAIR in every scoop!