Technology - bioHEAT

  • THERMOGENIC FAT BURNER - Raises your core temperature to speed up your metabolism.
  • bioHEAT utilizes cutting-edge ingredients in maximum potencies to help you break through even the toughest fat burning barriers. Targets stubborn fat areas & improves body composition!
  • Effective appetite suppressant. No cravings throughout the day!
  • bioHEAT has multiple dopamine enhancers that increase dopamine production, making you feel uplifted all day from the dopamine boost! Smooth energy! No cravings/emotional eating!
  • Contains natural diuretics & ingredients that keep your digestive system regular.
  • Can be stacked with bioBURN for the ultimate cardio sweat sesh, or with bioPUMP’D for a fat-burning pre-workout combo!
  • Per 3 capsules there are 200mg of caffeine along with other fat burning stimulants.
  • Directions - PLEASE ASSESS TOLERANCE BY DOING 1-2 CAPS YOUR FIRST TIME. BE SMART! THIS IS A POWERFUL THERMOGENIC! Take your first serving upon waking. Five or six hours later, take your second serving. DO NOT exceed 6 capsules in one day!