Technology - bioPOWER

  • Chelated Creatine technology for explosive muscle contractions and reps!
  • Chelated Creatine is “molecularly bonded” creatine. By being bonded to magnesium, it bypasses cyclization and transports the creatine straight to the bloodstream into the muscle cells. 100% delivery system!
  • bioPOWER bypasses cyclization, which is the process of creatine turning into creatinine (a waste product). By doing so, you’re getting 100% absorption of creatine. A harder, leaner physique and increase in
  • Water molecule free… ZERO water retention and no bloating.
  • Huge hit w/ women who normally shy away from creatine due to the side effects. Extremely effective and safe for women & men!
  • Directions - bioPOWER ATP is formulated to be taken daily, 1 scoop twice a day, including non-workout Cycle bioPOWER ATP for 8 weeks on and 2 weeks off.
  • For those seeking maximum gains, try incorporating bioFORCE for a month (then 2 weeks off), which has the added testosterone boost and hormone regulating benefits on top of containing the chelated creatine, then cycle back onto bioPOWER.