What are your expectations? Great focus? Awesome Pump? Increased Reps and Sets? Energy without a crash? Have you taken the time to really analyze not only what’s on the label, but what these ingredients do, or are supposed to do? The answer in most cases is a resounding NO. You walk into the local store and hear “the hype ,” or worse yet, read a plethora of phenomenal reviews on various “.com’s,” or the best, the pro athlete or Instagram star telling you this stuff is “the bomb.” Yes-it’s a confusing maze of constant misdirection. Who to believe? Shall I get a “free two week trial,” but hey, “why do they need my credit card?” If you’re a workout enthusiast, you’ve been there/done that to most of the above. OK, so now that we’ve brought all the ugliness to the surface, what now? How about this-SCIENCE! Yes, the stuff that actually makes sense. Better yet, how about science, but actually getting the right amounts of so called science to illicit desired effects?

Let’s start with ingredients in general. Are you really getting what you think you’re getting? Unfortunately, most times not. I recently came across a label that hyped 6 grams of Ingredient X and 3 grams of Ingredient Y on the front label, and just to the left read 45 servings. WOW-major props guys….turned the label to the supplement facts, and there it reared it’s ugly head-the scam. TWO scoops gave you that amount, yet there were only 45 scoops in the bottle…catch where this is going? Deceitful marketing at it’s best. In actuality, there were 22.5 servings based on the front label facts, but the label read 45 servings. You ask “how can they get away with that?” Well….they do. Every day. This is just one example. How about the ever so popular “proprietary blend…” In the real world, it’s called a “license to lie.” Throw a number on the sup facts, put a number of  popular ingredients in the “blend,” and boom-looks great to the untrained eye. Reality bites-the truth is, this is another way to skimp on the important ingredients, and just mix them in a blend of virtually useless ones. Do yourself a favor, and really make an effort to understand what a label means to you, the one who’s shelling out the money.

OK, so back to the original question? Are you really taking a “pre-workout?” Let’s start by explaining what Global Formulas thinks a pre-workout should be.

  • FOCUS. Yes, dialed in tunnel vision, allowing you to stay focused on the task at hand-maximizing every minute of your particular workout.
  • PUMP/VASODILATION. The holy grail-blood engorging the muscles, veins popping out of your skin, muscles looking twice their size. Sounds great, right? Yep-it is.
  • Muscular Endurance/Lactic Acid Buffering. Getting those extra reps and sets when your normal workout says “hey-you’re done buddy.” Those extra reps and sets are responsible for creating those ever so needed micro-tears, the ones that repair a little stronger and more dense, for yeah, muscle growth. Do NOT underestimate this portion of your pre-workout. It’s one thing to THINK you can lift the weight, and an entirely different thing to actually DO IT.

So what’s out there to push you past your personal limits? Some good, some bad, some that make sense, and a lot that make no sense at all.

First, keep an eye open for the “one thing on the front-another on the back” products. That’s an enlightening indication of the type of company you’re dealing with. You know-the guy/girl who smiles at you and says all the right things, then stabs you in the back. That one.

Second, look out for the “micro–dosing” pre’s that have all the “right stuff’ in the ingredient panel….yet the serving size is a couple grams….uh….sure, they’re designed to crack you out-any product can do that. That’s where it all comes to a disappointing end. Like I said, it’s one thing to “think,” and another to “do.” The other downside is the terrible crash from the cracked out high. Look for a serving size that truly gives you enough of each particular ingredient to get you where you want to be during crunch time. Micro dosing-don’t bother. No such thing.

Third, Proprietary Blends. Geez. I could go on and on, but you get the jest from earlier in this article. JUST SAY NO to hiding behind a loophole law that screws the consumer.

So now what? Well, it’s time to try the real deal. Take a good hard look at a bottle of Super bioFREAK PER SCOOP:

  • 3.5 grams of Beta Alanine
  • 3 grams Citrulline Malate
  • 1 gram of Agmatine Sulfate.

A core of the most potent ingredients for Muscular Endurance, Lactic Acid Buffering, and the most insane pumps you’ll ever experience. Check out some of the stand-alone products on the market specifically for pumps-Super bioFREAK beats them to a pulp, all in a SINGLE scoop! Yes-a SINGLE scoop. You want focus? You’ve never been in the “zone” like this….ever. The loaded ingredient profile delivers neurotrophic heaven. Last but certainly not least, this is a pre-workout that will outlast even the most grueling pain inducing, marathon workout. You’ll leave feeling like you can do it all over again. And NO CRASH. Yes NO CRASH.

That’s it. Pre-Workout 101. At the very least, hopefully your eyes have been opened. Optimally, pick up a bottle of Super bioFREAK, and take your performance to an entirely new level. If your current retailer doesn’t have it-DEMAND IT.


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