20 09, 2018

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Global Formulas Ambassador Drew Senior shares his favorite Global Formulas product with you: My favorite is the Bio Burn. I am no longer on prep for an upcoming show but have not missed a day or cardio since my last show and that’s due to the effectiveness of #bioburn.

I can’t begin to describe how effortless it makes cardio, not only does it make time fly by but it really helps your focus go towards burning fat due to the amount of sweat it helps to produce. I love that it helps with endurance

19 09, 2018

Legion Sports Fest

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Southern Cal’s most anticipated fitness event! With so many athletes coming straight from Vegas to Long Beach, we keep hearing the @legionsportsfest referred to as the “Mini-Olympia”! In addition to being California’s biggest @ifbb_pro_league show, it includes 8 sports, 200 vendors, tons of contests, cash prizes, and entertainment. The parking is easy, the beach is next door, and the city is vibing. Looking forward to kicking it with everyone in the #LBC on Sept 29 & 30!

7 07, 2015


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Just released, bio ProZERO!

bio ProZERO-Ratio Enhanced CFM Whey Isolate
bio ProZERO is the most advanced protein/recovery formula on the market, delivering the highest ratio of muscle building amino acids to starving muscle tissue. bio ProZERO contains the highest grade Cross-Flow Microfiltration Whey Protein Isolate. We do not use inferior Ion Exchange Whey, or any other lower grade proteins-PERIOD. bioPRO ZERO is the purest protein/recovery product you will ever use. *

bio ProZERO contains a full serving of bioREPAIR in every scoop. bioREPAIR is the industry’s most potent recovery agent, providing a specific blend of chelated glutamine and 3:1:1 BCAA’s. Chelated (molecularly bonded)

1 02, 2015


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What are your expectations? Great focus? Awesome Pump? Increased Reps and Sets? Energy without a crash? Have you taken the time to really analyze not only what’s on the label, but what these ingredients do, or are supposed to do? The answer in most cases is a resounding NO. You walk into the local store and hear “the hype ,” or worse yet, read a plethora of phenomenal reviews on various “.com’s,” or the best, the pro athlete or Instagram star telling you this stuff is “the bomb.” Yes-it’s a confusing maze of constant